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1A/3, Panchsheel CHS.,
Dr. E.Moses Road
Mumbai - 400018
Telephone   +91-22-24953892
Mobile No.    +91-9869016657

Email :uttam@jeevantanclean.com.

Company Profile

Jeevan Tanclean is a specialist supplier of permanent Facade Access Equipment for new build, refurbishment and ongoing maintenance projects for India. We are a family-run business at the forefront of fašade access technology and since incorporation in 2002. we have been delivering unparalleled service to the Indian construction industry.

we have established a comprehensive ‘in-house’ project management facility. We are equipped to manage multiple projects from concept design through to final commissioning and have a reputation built on the ability to deliver bespoke ‘turnkey’ solutions on time and on budget.

Our Mission – To engineer world leading facade access solutions.

Our Vision – To achieve the highest profile through excellent service, good value and continuous improvement in performance.

Jeevan Tanclean can provide:
  • Full ‘turnkey’ engineering services from concept through to completion.
  • Pre-order/Planning stage assistance with facade access strategies.
  • Post-order design and development of facade access systems.
  • Project co-ordination and management through to final commissioning.
  • Co-ordination and management of ongoing maintenance of facade access systems and equipment.