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Facade Access Solutions


An extensive range of cradle designs can accommodate the most challenging architecture and facade designs, and include counter balanced and offset cradles for buildings with terraced, inclined, contoured, and set back facades with each system tailored specifically to the buildings they serve. The modular nature of the range ensures tried and tested quality whatever the design, using components such as grooved drum hoist mechanisms with precision rope guidance for single or multi-layer winding, capable of lifting cradle loads from 150 to 1500 kg and covering lifting heights of up to 200 metres. Auxiliary hoisting for glass and facade panel replacement operations can also be incorporated into each system using jib head rated load points with up to 700kg capacity. High quality materials and finishes are used on all key components, and include stainless steel spindle units, maintenance-free traversing gears, corrosion resistant galvanized structural elements, and powder coated or anodised aluminium cradles. In addition systems can be supplied with hydraulic lift¬ tables to raise and lower the BMU from concealed parking spaces. Also available are traveling ladder and gantry systems, maintenance platforms and mast elevator access systems.


Jeevan Tanclean employs 6 qualified project engineers who work closely to produce the most practical and cost effective solutions for any given facade access and maintenance system requirement.

Specifications require that buildings have full facade access and that building maintenance can be carried out with maximum efficiency and in total safety. Jeevan-Engineers work closely with clients, contractors, consultants, and architects to ensure that the right type and numbers of systems are provided and that the interface with the building is as aesthetically unobtrusive and sympathetic as is possible. Special attention is given to structural loading, positioning of track connections, safety requirements, interfaces with other trade packages and plant etc. to avoid expensive building modifications during construction. Jeevan Tanclean is always prepared to give professional and constructive advice to achieve the best possible solution.


  • Hoist mechanism with independent non-sacrificial over speed safety brake.
  • Spindle mechanism with automatic safety nut and lubrication system.
  • Hydraulic systems with remote reservoir and antrupture valves.
  • Cradle suspension overload switch.
  • Rope winding with mechanical and electrical slack rope control.
  • Traversing gear with robust alignment claws to provide smooth running on guide rails.
  • Moving parts with sealed lifetime lubricated bearings.
  • Weather protected electrical components.
  • Dead man’s control for all movements including emergency stop buttons on all control panels.
  • End-positions of all moving parts are limited by operation limit switches and, if required, by additional emergency shut-offs or solid mechanical buffers.


Jeevan Tanclean maintains an unrivaled reputation for delivering systems and solutions that work and provide a cost effective return on customer investment. To date all Jeevan’s installations perform to specification and have been completed within budget and without the customer incurring additional or unforeseen construction related costs.

Potential customers are encouraged to inspect previous installations, meet existing customers and undertake factory visits. In recognition of Jeevan’s expertise and professionalism many clients are pleased to work with Cento on a negotiated contract or preferred bidder basis.


On receipt of an order Jeevan Tanclean allocates an experienced project engineer to personally manage the design, manufacture, testing, delivery and installation of each system according to an agreed schedule. Working closely with the client the project engineer tackles the practical design issues from track layout and interface with the structure and facade to compliance with health and safety legislation, industry standards and insurance requirements. Prior to delivery clients are invited to witness the factory based performance test to ensure the operating parameters and specification has been met.

The project engineer liaises with the client and local authorities to facilitate delivery and installation including road closures, traffic management and mobile craneage etc. where required. Installation and commissioning is undertaken by our specialist team of commissioning engineers who will thoroughly test the system and provide full operator training prior to hand over or in readiness for beneficial use during the construction phase.


Jeevan Tanclean have over 100 systems installed throughout India. Jeevan’s factory trained service technicians provide planned maintenance, statutory testing, risk assessments, operator training and 24 hour emergency breakdown cover if required. In addition where the client requires beneficial use of the system during the construction phase a 3 monthly maintenance programme followed by complete refurbishment and recommissioning prior to handover is provided.