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1A/3, Panchsheel CHS.,
Dr. E.Moses Road
Mumbai - 400018
Telephone   +91-22-24953892
Mobile No.    +91-9869016657

Email :uttam@jeevantanclean.com.

Franchisee Training

When you join the JEEVAN TANCLEAN franchise network, your operational or execution team would be provided a 4-day training at our nearest regional office.

The training session will be customized to the applications in your geographical locale. Training includes theory, as well as practical at the site.

In addition, sales and management staff would be provided thorough training in estimating, bidding, follow-up, use of proprietary forms, effective delivery of labor and materials, scope of work, safety procedures and marketing. You would also be provided conclusive training on the use of our customized daily management software to carry out your Tanclean business professionally.