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1A/3, Panchsheel CHS.,
Dr. E.Moses Road
Mumbai - 400018
Telephone   +91-22-24953892
Mobile No.    +91-9869016657

Email :uttam@jeevantanclean.com.

Equipments on Rent

Jeevan Tanclean is a vertical transportation manufacturing company, Jeevan Tanclean sells and rents equipment used in vertical transportation.

Jeevan Tanclean is primarily a rental company; however we sell and rent personnel and material hoists, mast climbing platform, scaffolds and temporary suspended platform.

Although we do sell everything we rent, our focus is a rental company and always has been. To that end, everything Jeevan Tanclean does is in an effort to be the best rental company in the business.

Our major distinguishing factor… is in-house manufacturer of our own line of vertical transportation products. Jeevan Tanclean became the manufacturer because it allows the creativity and application of practical design to build a better product; and also knows well the shortcomings of all of the similar products on the market.