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Modular Triangle bridge

The Modular Triangle Bridge is equipped with uniquely shaped trusses, available in 2 m, 3 m and 4 m versions. The Modular Triangle Bridge can be used easily, quickly, and for a variety of purposes by painters, plumbers and facade renovation companies for family homes for instance.

The Modular Triangle Bridge has been especially developed to obtain ergonomic advantages. The lightweight Modular Triangle Bridge can be assembled at ground level and can be lifted to height easily by using a hand winch. The trusses are stackable because of their unique v-shape. The Modular Triangle Bridge can be used for a multiple purposes; with separate leg posts or between rolling towers and with the shelter system.  

Paint Scaffold

The Paint Scaffold is the ideal scaffold for maintenance and renovation on houses. The specially designed Paint frames allow the Paint Scaffold to be assembled quickly and without tools. The platform are positioned at op 0.8 m and 3 m height which keeps the facade free to work on. The Paint Scaffold is easy to place yourself and can be extended without limit. The upper platform is easy to access by using a ladder at the side of the Paint Scaffold.

Rolling Towers

The Folding-/Rolling tower is suitable for semi-professional as well as professional use. This robust scaffold is very easy to assemble because of the folding unit, light in weight, compact when folded and therefore easy to transport. The size 0.75 x 1.65 m is ideal for interior as well as exterior use. There are three modules available, depending on the desired scaffold and working height. Regardless of the used type or angle of corner section, the load capacity of any L-shaped platform configuration with three hoists is limited to 250kg in total. (two men with light equipment)

Aluminum Staging

In the development of the Jeevan Tanclean stage, the aim was for an optimal combination of safety and ease of use. This has resulted in an Jeevan Tanclean product which can be used in a versatile way because of its light weight.

The unique guardrail post is strong and meets all the safety requirements, can be assembled without tools very quickly. The stage is also strong and sturdy with a maximum load of 200 kg/m2 for the most common sizes of 4 meters to 7 meters. The stage can be used between rolling towers. Finally, this unique adjustable corner section will allow for storage component reduction (cost saving!) compared with fixed corner sections.