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Mast Climbing Work Platforms

MAST CLIMBING PLATFORM from Jeevan Tanclean are an automated access system that provides fast, efficient distribution and temporary access for personnel, goods and materials to their exact position of work on industrial, construction and renovation projects.

Whilst particularly effective on high-rise buildings, MAST CLIMBING PLATFORM can also be highly efficient on medium and low-rise projects. The wide, stable work platform gives space for equipment and tools and provides a safe material handling solution with a high load capacity.

MAST CLIMBING PLATFORM are available in single, twin or multi-mast configurations, and in a range of light, medium and heavy-duty. Simply assembled from standard deck and mast modules, MAST CLIMBING PLATFORM can be erected in a wide range of configurations to suit straight, inclined, profiled and even curved building faces.

Enhanced productivity

With planning, MAST CLIMBING PLATFORM can generate significantly increased productivity on most projects. Where work sequence and materials supply is efficiently co-ordinate, clients have experienced production boosts of up to 300% compared to standard scaffolding.

MAST CLIMBING PLATFORM are increasingly specified for refurbishment projects on occupied buildings due to the lack of disruption they cause. For offices and residential blocks, the impact on occupants is minimized, security is not compromised, views and light levels are all maintained and obstructions at ground level are limited.

Erected quickly and independently, Mast Climbing Work Platforms are not reliant on crane lifting. Platforms can be manually assembled at ground or base level and the masts progressively erected from the platform which then climbs the face of the building allowing further sections to be added.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms at a glance

  • Fully accredited training available
  • Speed of installation with minimal tying and anchor spacings up to 15 m apart
  • Speed of travel – up to 12 m per minute
  • Unobtrusive, with minimal noise
  • Load capacity up to 5 tonnes
  • Inclined platforms and extension accessories up to 3 m to accommodate irregular elevation profiles
  • Double decked platforms on the same masts
  • Mobile, free-standing units giving access of up to 30 m indoors and 20 m outdoors
  • Single or double mast platforms up to 30 m long, masts up to 200 m high
  • Weather protection canopies
  • Monorail solutions to speed the installation of glass facades
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications and solutions to suit almost any project