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To provide access to vertical or very steep areas of glazing, Jeevan Tanclean offers a variety of travelling ladders and mast systems.

Manufactured from innovative aluminum profiles, these systems can be used for both internal and external applications and can be manually or electrically driven along either face or roof mounted runway tracks.

Travelling ladders are a safe and cost-effective means of access to a variety of glazed areas and will be supplied with either an integrated Fall Protection system or a vertically moving platform for added stability.


Jeevan’s Travelling Gantry Systems are designed to provide safe access to flat, sloping or curved areas of glazing, such as roof lights, domes or atria.

Our systems can be used for both internal and external applications and can be manually or electrically driven. They are the ideal access solution for maintaining large areas of glazing, our gantries can extend beyond 30m, incorporating free spans in excess of 20m.

Jeevan’s Travelling Gantries are designed to blend with the architecture and are intended to form an aesthetic part of any roof light or atrium.

Manufactured using an innovative aluminum profile system, our gantries are offered with a mill finish, anodised or powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice.

To provide access to vertical areas of glazing beneath the atrium, the underside of each gantry can be equipped with either suspension points or monorails for use with our one or two person demountable cradle.


Roof mounted building maintenance units are permanently installed on buildings and other structures to provide safe and efficient access for exterior maintenance works such as cleaning, sealing, and glass replacement.

The major benefits of roof mounted facade access solutions are low visual impact, and 100% traverse flexibility. These roof mounted facade access solutions are, without question, the best way of maintaining building facades over 5-stories high. Each unit is supplied with a platform suspended by four cables.

A roof mounted facade access solution can be one of three different types, depending on the specific problems to be overcome. This, combined with our ability to provide tailor-made track layouts, provides an exciting, versatile and efficient method of roof mounted facade access.