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Why... We are leading in Cleaning industries

First impressions of your building Fašade and exterior makes a difference in how potential tenants and their clients perceive a building. With 9 years of experience in the Fašade cleaning industry, we know how to remove the toughest stains safely and quickly from building facades. We use professional grade environmentally friendly products and systems to keep clean your building’s Facade.

At Jeevan Tanclean, we are proud of our window cleaning heritage which retches back to the company’s inception in 2002. Our years of experience are constantly put to good use as we tackle difficult jobs on a daily basis helping us to evaluate the safest and most cost effective.

Methods of cleaning your windows

The appearance and cleanliness of your premises are critically important to you, your staff and your clients alike. From retail units to multi-storey office blocks through to business parks and hospitals, each of our contracts receives the same attention to detail. Dirty windows can be detrimental to a company's image, regular, professional window cleaning will eliminate this problem.

At Jeevan Tanclean, we are constantly reviewing our methods and procedures to ensure we are using the most up to date technology and equipment available. Window cleaning can be potentially hazardous but you can be assured that we are fully compliant with all current health and safety legislation. We can design a practical and cost effective window cleaning program to meet your individual site requirements; we will then deliver a consistent quality service, efficiently and above all safely.

Our Method

No building is too high or wide to benefit from our extensive window cleaning Skills, developed through years of experience coupled with ongoing training. We can solve the problems of difficult access by providing a full range of Solutions including The Reach and Wash System, Mobile Elevated Working Platforms, Abseiling, Traditional Ladder Access and the safe use of Fall- Arrest Safety Harnesses used in conjunction with Safety Eyebolts.

Our operatives are fully trained and experienced in the safe and competent use of the above methods and equipment.

Following are included in Fašade / Window cleaning systems:

  • The reach & wash system
  • Mobile elevated working platforms
  • Abseiling
  • Traditional ladder access
  • Fall arrest safety harnesses
  • Regular cleaning programs
  • Static operatives

We clean:

All commercial and public buildings like offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, factories, shops etc.

Quality Control

Our window cleaning teams work within a system that will deliver a consistent, quality service with pre-planned schedules ensuring appointment times are met. On the completion of any job we will seek a signed satisfaction note from the client indicating that they happy with the work carried out. Our management team will also carry out regular, independent quality spot checks to be certain that we continue to maintain the highest standards of window cleaning within the industry. These procedures give our clients the assurance of consistent service quality.

Due to modern building design the need for competent, professional window cleaners is essential. Our operatives all receive full off and on- site training and are experienced in all types of window and facade cleaning which enables us to give our clients the guarantee that our work is safe, efficient and cost effective.

Health and Safety

Mention the subject of window cleaning and concerns will be raised regarding Health and Safety, you will be pleased to know that this subject is our main priority when undertaking any work whatsoever on your premises. It is imperative that all practices and procedures we, as a company adopt while carrying out any cleaning contract will comprise a safe working environment at all times. We not only ensure this is the case through regular spot checks but also via the ongoing Health and Safety awareness, on-site and "toolbox talks" training of our operatives. Prior to the commencement of any works being carried out we ensure that full and thorough site specific risk assessments and method statements are completed.

Jeevan Tanclean seeks to promote safe and healthy working conditions which will create vital safeguards for both clients and cleaning operatives. The Company expects all employees to take reasonable care of the Health and Safety of himself/herself and any other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions. Each employee will ensure that the Health and Safety of themselves and others by:

Making themselves familiar with the contents of our Health and Safety Policy. Wearing and using safety clothing and equipment (PPE) provided.

Reporting all accidents, whether anyone is injured or not. Reporting all hazards or persons creating hazards.

Conforming to all written and verbal instruction concerning Health and Safety.

Efficient Cleaning Services are approved company. A Health & Safety Executive backed scheme to ensure contractors are compliant with current Health & Safety legislation

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